Lola Jiang

I specialize in AI design at Google, driven by a deep passion for strategic thinking, service design, and the integration of emotion into experiences.

Reimagining Generative AI

Led the design for a set of Generative AI Vision features. Featured in Cloud Next ‘23 Keynote by Executives.

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Image generation
Store Vision AI

Optimizing Store Operation with AI

Led the service design initiative to revolutionize store operations. Pioneered a strategic human-in-the-loop framework, optimizing data labeling tasks for a 91.7% CSAT, emphasizing speed and accuracy.

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Crafting Ads Creative Studio

Aligned vision, drove alignment and balanced effective user experience with fast speed in 3 quarters, resulting in positive customer feedback and revenue growth of 30% per week.

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Ads Creative Studio
new design

Redesigning Teambition’s Mobile App

I spearhead redesign of the project management app with new onboarding experience and task detail page. I led decisions around which key flows should be optimized and what core actions should be encouraged.

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